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  • Mini flock (10 birds) $10
  • Small Flock (20 Birds) $20
  • Medium flock (30 birds) $30
  • Large flock (40 birds) $40
  • flamboyance (50 birds) $50
Want protection against flocking?
$10 (per month)
$40 for season
It's Flocking Season (1).png

Sign up now to flock your friends, family, and neighbors!*
Book a flock of our pink, plastic flamingos and we'll deliver them on the weekend of your choosing.​

Flocks arrive Thursday afternoon and migrate Monday morning. A letter and yard sign accompanies the flock explaining their arrival. 

Please submit the below registration form if interested in having someone flocked. We will review your request and contact you with confirmation and make arrangements for your payment.

*Some restrictions apply:

  • Flamingo Flocks will be no fewer than 10 birds at a time and no greater than 50.

  • Due to restrictions, we will not be able to Flock the following:

Gated Communities
Fenced in properties
Properties with roaming animals
Households outside of Robinson and Kennedy Township​

  • We reserve the right to refuse to flock a household if we feel liability issues may become a problem for the library and/or household. In case of this happening, you will be informed and a refund or rescheduling option will be offered.

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